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Inner freedom and autonomy

You probably also have the desire to be completely free inwardly, and to stand autonomously and consciously in the world, no matter what. You have already experienced a lot, possibly also by taking courses. You have already read a number of important books and perhaps even done all kinds of exercises and training. Yet…

How do we apply what we already know in ourselves? How do we make practical all the spiritual information we have taken in? How do we remain free inwardly, even when life is against us, when life ’tests’ us? How do we fully flourish?
What can we do? And what should we avoid?

Self-expression and self-realization

Universana organizes small study group meetings. Study and in-depth conversations lead you to an inner strength and stability in whatever situation you find yourself in, and where you can experience a lot of happiness and connection. We discuss many important and self-explanatory principles (led by Michiel Koperdraat – www.zelfkennis.nu).

In these spiritual-philosophical meetings, your own perception and experiences are an important starting point, preventing a (too) theoretical approach. The spiritual-philosophical principles that we discuss always have to do with your own perception and experiences. Our daily practice in work and private life is thus set in the light of true Knowledge, guiding what we learn about ourselves.

This course takes place near Assen (but also elsewhere in the Netherlands) in series of 10 meetings. After each series, a sequel starts.


For more information, information and questions:
Use the contact form or mail tophilosophy@zelfkennis.nu, or call 0592 544833


“healthy turned to the One”
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